ABOUT POSHsiva linija


POSH&media is a team of young and ambitious professionals with a clear vision of the international advertising agency for 21st century.
POSH may be associated with luxury, but in the POSH, we know that affording the best solution is not a luxury. The best solution is our obligation, and it does not always have to be expensive. Ideas are something that we never want to economize on. We are not economizing on our creativity and our resources to design solutions luxurious in its sophistication and creative expression.


We are unique in that we are fully national brand. Working with many local clients (Coca-Cola Hellenic, MINI Serbia, Vast, Lubricants Factory FAM, Faculty, etc), we have achieved good results in the specific circumstances of the domestic market. We are not offering instant solutions.


We are dedicated to every client with specific attention, listening to their needs and giving consideration to all the particularities of their business, so we can offer the best, unique and completely personalized POSH solution.