Company Gavrilovic Guide, which launched the project of the Guide-with discounts, or gastronomic and tourist guide within the whole of Serbia, along with a VIP ID card, with the help of which you can use many discounts at all the deals from the guide, selected POSH & media for the close associate.
The main tasks were the logo design, design of guide and design of VIP ID card.
With pleasure POSH started with developing logo, motivated by new challenges and fresh ideas of the client. With the development of the logo, alongside the thought of the format, it look and the concept of guide. From the final and approved logo design we defined cover of the Guide. After that we started with analyzing and defining the structure and content of the Guide and its visual shaping. VIP card is designed in the spirit of the newly-formed visual identity guide. The Agency worked parallel on projects and the development of leaflets, price lists of advertising, business cards and other materials required for the implementation of this serious logistics enterprise.

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