The factory lubricant FAM, known as the local market leader in the production of motor and industrial oils, coolants and lubricants, cleaners, degreasers. With more than four decades of existence, today FAM significant export lubricants in a dozen countries in Europe, with a tendency of continuous growth in production through monitoring and acceptance of modern business requirements.

To the mutual satisfaction of the agency POSH cooperate with FAM in all aspects of marketing activities:
1. Monitoring redesign the most important FAM's motor oil brand-FENIX, as well as corporate branding FAM
2. Improving and fostering corporate identity through various marketing activities: making TV commercials, organization of trade fairs, promotion
3. Devising marketing strategies and managing all marketing activities
4. Redesign of corporate identity
5. Redesign of the web site and maintain the same
6. Introducing and managing PR activities
7. Sales Promotion
8. Create a corporate film


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