Graphic design and strategic marketing

Graphic Design. Design and prepress communication media: newspapers (ads), magazines (layout and design of magazines, advertisements), posters, billboards, business cards, catalogs, brochures, newsletters, leaflets, advertising campaigns, products and services and so on. It also includes graphic design of media channels such as Internet, television and other media (visual accompanying TV ads, internet banner design, leaflets, etc.)
Graphic design also considers and visual elements such as typography, illustration drafting, drafting symbols and determination of standard colors in order to convey a message to a specific audience.

Strategic Marketing. Approach to marketing, which implies a continuous process of adapting the company to a variable environment. Strategic marketing is defined as the active process of defining and managing marketing activities toward marketing goals you’ve previously created and defined.
Strategic marketing includes:
 - Analysis of environmental factors, strengths and weaknesses of the company
 - Defining the goal
 - Strategic marketing planning
 - Formulating strategies at the corporate level or members of companies
 - Implementation of the strategy, development of marketing programs that are focused on meeting the needs of the target market
 - Control and Audit Marketing